Senior Spotlight

Every month, the Colomounde will shine the spotlight on students from the Senior class as they prepare to graduate and begin their new adventure. 

Senior Spotlight


Alden Buckle (right)

Alden told us that his favorite year of high school was his Freshman because he enjoyed how everything was new and different.  During that time, he learned the importance of getting into a routine and staying positive. He recommends attending as many of the games as possible and trying to be more public and social.


Kade O’Dell (left)

Kade’s favorite memory of high school was the fun he had on Senior Appreciation Day. Because it was his only full year of high school, his Freshmen year is his favorite though he wishes he would have partied a little more. He wanted to share the following advice with the class of 2025, “Don’t stress over your classes. High school is too easy to stress over, just get your work done and absolutely chill.”


Nixie Davis

After four years as a Mustang, Nixie remembers her Sophomore year as her favorite but she only wishes she had studied a little more. She will graduate this Spring with the class of 2022 and will always look back fondly on Mr. Thomas’s crazy way of lecturing and his knack for keeping them entertained.


Lynsey Federico

Lynsey has enjoyed her Senior year the most and all the times she and her friends made memories together. She wishes she would have been more involved her Freshmen year but looks forward to what the future brings. “I’ve learned time goes by fast and you need to enjoy every moment you have.”



Devin Marquez
Devin told us that his Senior year is by far his favorite but he does wish that he did more as a Freshmen. His favorite memory will always be Terran Woody falling down in dizzy bat. In the past four years, he has learned that teachers want to see you succeed.




Destiny Cleland

Destiny’s favorite memories of high school are getting ready for the dances and volleyball trips with her teammates. Like her other classmates, she says her Freshmen year has been her favorite due to the fact she spent most of the others at home, quarantined with the rest of the world. She encourages everyone to participate in more activities while in high school because that is something she regrets not doing. “The most important thing I learned in high school was not to take time for granted. It goes way too fast.” Destiny hopes to attend college, possibly in Arizona or California, to study Business and play volleyball.


Madison Guffy
Of the four years, Madison has attended Needles High School, she says her Senior year is her favorite. Singing in the choir her sophomore year is a memory she will not soon forget. If she could go back in time she would spend more time with her friends and less stressing out over homework. She wants the younger classmen to know that these are not the times of their lives. “They have forever to go on vacation or ask that person on a date. Stop rushing everything and go with the flow.” Madison plans to attend college next year and major in English. She hopes to be a teacher someday.