Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Mataya Phillips and Abigail Belt


Fall is here, and that means beanies, sweaters, and boots! Oh my! With the cold weather fast approaching, we are here to help you be the fashion icon of your dreams. 

Let’s start at the top! A great way to make your outfit stand out at school is to wear a fun hat. Our personal favorites are beanies, flat brim hats, and baseball caps! If hats are not your thing, another way to be ahead of the rest is to wear your hair slicked back into a sleek braid or a bubble ponytail.  


Working our way down, we land on shirts and sweaters. It’s going to get a little chilly out, so long sleeves are the way to go! Just simply adding a basic turtleneck under a shirt or a long flowy dress can add a whole other element to your ensemble. Fall is for layering so throwing a cute sweater vest with a funky pattern can put you on top of the fashion food chain, Or you can add a cute flannel or thin leather blazer on top! Another way to go is to wear a big, fluffy puffer vest.



Continuing down, we arrive at pants, where we have some great options. A true fashionista would fill their closet with simple denim jeans, fun corduroy pants, or maybe a pair of baggy cargo pants. If you want to get creative, overalls are a must! Remember, when heading to the mall, straight-leg jeans are the way to go. 





Converse, vans, big boots, and boots with a heel are essential this season. Fall can be a little chilly so making sure your feet are warm and cozy should be a top priority. 

When deciding on what to fill your closet with, take it from us, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion choices. But if you find yourself with a fashion dilemma, we are here to help!