“Tornado” Review

Have you been swept up in the new Nutrition craze?


Emmerson Powell, Writer

Nutrition is a special time. Every student at Needles High School spends their nutrition differently. Personally, I like to get a snack at the cafeteria. Usually,I get a cookie, sometimes a pack of donuts. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of kids with a tornado on campus. Tornados are sausage, egg, and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla and fried.

I’ve gotten some opinions on the breakfast wrap:

NHS Junior, Amiah Denham says, “They are fantastic, I get them every day!”

Riley Hernandez, Junior, claims, “They’re “alright.”

Cuzsito Luz, Freshman proclaimed, “They’re fire!”

“For such a low price, you get a delicious blend of unhealthy yet tasty.” Sophomore Dalton Mowrey.

Our mission is to decide if these crunchy breakfast burritos are worth the hype and the money. On Thursday, September 9th we finally got one, and they definitely weren’t what we were expecting. There are seven different flavors of tornados. We went with the ranchero beef, steak and cheese tornado. The flavor was interesting, yet intense. I rate the flavor a 4/10 but the tornado itself was a 10/10. The crunch was perfect, and it was a decent size. I recommend trying all the flavors! You can get them for $1.50 during nutrition. A huge thank you to our cafeteria staff for providing us with these great snacks!