DIY Halloween Costumes


With Halloween right around the corner, and cities reopening from COVID-19, it feels impossible to decide what to be this year. There is so much pressure to have the BEST costume to make up for not being able to dress up last fall, but Halloween can be expensive. Costumes from the Halloween Store can run up to $100 before you are done. So if you are like me and are on a budget, I have come up with 12 AWESOME, yet affordable, DIY costumes for you this Halloween.


1. Kim Possible

Who didn’t love this Disney action superstar growing up? Throw on a black long sleeve crop and some baggy green pants and you will look and feel just like the global crime-fighting cheerleader.



2. Outer Banks

If you haven’t binge-watched Outer Banks on Netflix yet, then you are missing out. This year, you can dress up like one of the characters from this fan-favorite show without breaking the bank. You can rock Kiara’s beachy vibe with a cute crop top, ripped shorts, and vans. Add some bracelets, style your hair with beachy waves and you are all set.

This one can also be turned into a super cute couples costume. The other half of this duo can take on the persona of none other than John B. Throw on some flip flops, shorts, and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. Don’t forget to add a bandana around your neck for his signature look. The two of you will be the coolest couple out there and still have money to spare.


3. Cowboy or Cowgirl

It is never a bad idea to go with something classic and easy. Grab some faded jeans, a plaid shirt, boots, and a hat and you will look like you are heading to the rodeo. 


4. Fireman 

Grab some baggy khakis, a white t-shirt, and suspenders to bring the heat in this costume. If you don’t have a fireman’s hat lying around from your childhood dress-up days then you will have to grab one but don’t worry, those plastic hats are well under $10 so you are still saving money. If you want to turn this one into a couple’s costume, your partner can paint some back dots on a white dress and you have an instant dalmatian to accompany you all night.



5. Bob Ross

You’ll need a curly wig and a beard to accomplish this look. Once you have that, you can put on some jeans and a button-up to pull the outfit all together. If you don’t have a painter’s palette and brush to complete your costume, they can be made out of poster board and a little paint. 


6. Where’s Waldo

You will be hard to miss in this costume. You will need jeans, a beanie, glasses, and a red and white striped shirt. For fun, stand around big groups of people so that you blend in and your friends can play “Where’s Waldo?” all night.


7. M&M

Anyone can pull off an M&M costume with nothing more than a super long t-shirt and some paint. 


8. Ghost

If you are not really into costumes, this is the one for you. Take a white sheet from the closet and cut holes out for eyes. To spice it up, add some sick shades for style.


9. Frat Boys

If you are more on the preppy side then this is the one for you. A polo shirt, sunglasses, and a tie around your head and you have a classic “frat guy.” Just make sure to behave responsibly. 


10. Minion

If you have overalls hanging in your closet and like being evil, then this is the perfect fit for you. With a yellow shirt, overalls, boots, and crazy goggles, you are ready to take over the world for your master.


11. Fairy

 Pick up some fairy wings and throw them over any spicy outfit of your choice. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also come in a ton of different colors. 


12. Eleven

Some tube socks, a pink dress, a jacket, and a little red makeup under your nose, and you can be transformed into this Stranger Things character. This one can easily be turned into a group costume with nothing more than what you and your friends have in your closets. You will be a hit!


I can’t wait to see you rocking these costumes on Halloween night!