Native Club

The NHS Native Club is led by Gena Guzman. Ms. Guzman is the Home School Coordinator for the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe’s Education Department. She services around 89 students at Needles High, including CDS and ETC. She’s also an extra support system for Native American students and families. Her goal is to get Native American students involved in the school, have a safe space, be around their indigenous peers, build confidence, become indegenous leaders and represent their culture. Native Club is a way to share our Native American culture with the Needles communtiy. Rez Readers is also a part of Native Club. The Rez Readers program involves students visiting the elementary school and reading books written or illustrated by indigenous people. With so many students involved in the program, not everyone goes at the same time. In order to participate in the program, you must be active in the Native Club. All Native American students are encouraged to join.The club will meet monthly. Contact Mrs. Guzman with any questions.